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Interior Designer

  • libra

  • antique lover

  • abstract art painter

  • dog obsessor 

  • horseback rider 

  • middle child of 3 girls (sorry dad)

  • believer in manifestation + the universe / everything happening for a reason

  • lover of crystals + meditation 

  • sarcastic joker

  • cottager

10 years + counting...

in the design industry

I believe that a person’s everyday surroundings can directly affect their mood and quality of life. One of the most meaningful and rewarding projects we take part in is the creation of our home. With every project I start, I ensure that each aspect of the design process directly aligns with the individual client's authentic self. From conception to completion, I will always prioritize the relationship I have with my clients and guarantee your inclusion throughout the entire project. Together, we will create an authentic concept that reflects your lifestyle and Identité, turning your visions and ideas into an unimaginable reality.  


After graduating from Ryerson University with a Bachelor of Interior Design degree, I spent several years working in different sectors of the interior design industry. Interested in the small details of design and hungry to learn more about my craft, I realized the best way to master any craft is through experience. Which is what motivated me to start my own business. What originally started as a partnership with a friend, my first design company, Aura Design Studio quickly became a successful studio that served its client’s for over 5 years.  

Even though I was happy, I felt I had more to give. I found myself tapping into my artistic side when I was not working on projects for my clients.

I began collecting antiques to use in my client's homes, painting abstract work in my basement and re-finishing old furniture around my house using DIY techniques. I developed a vision that was so much larger than myself, and with a new found excitement and positive energy I couldn’t wait to explore. This encouraged me to go back to my roots, and thus, The Design Identité  was born.  

With over 10 years of experience, I focus on the details that connect and directly correlate your vision and personality with the space you are trying to create. Together we will explore all the different layers of creativity, which translates to designing the perfect space that you have always dreamed of. I call this, your  Design Identité. 

BRand identite

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