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Inspiration + Guidance for the DIYer

This service is most ideal for the creative do-it-yourself individuals who are looking to execute their own project, however, could use some assistance with their ideas to help get their project started. This service will include a one-time in-person site visit for 1.5 hours to discuss anything and everything related to your design goals. At this meeting we are happy to discuss the budget for the overall project, give you suggestions for your renovation, and give instant ideas for space planning, colour schemes and furniture suggestions. 


Consultations are based on a 1.5 hour time slot. We understand that each project is unique, therefore, if you require additional time for your consultation please let us know in advance. Additional time will be billed hourly.

INTERESTED? Here's how it works:

  • Click on 'GET STARTED' button below and fill out the inquiry form.

  • We will then contact you to set up a one-time site meeting.

  • Prior to our visit, collect all necessary documents and/or inspirational photos related to the project.

  • On our visit, we will first discuss the project at hand, including your wants and needs, how you and your family function in the space, what currently works for you, what doesn't, and your end goal.

  • We will then request to see inspiration photos you have collected and any other documents you may have that relate to your personal Design Identité.

  • Once we have all the information, we can begin offering suggestions for all aspects related to design. We will be brainstorming together and coming up with fresh ideas that offer you both a functional and beautiful design.

  • Once the session concludes, there is no need to worry about forgetting everything we discussed. Give us 1-3 days to complete a detailed list of everything discussed during the consultation. We will supply this via email.

  • Now its your time to begin creating your homes Design Identité.

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