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full service design

From start to completion

Our full service design  is a complete turn-key experience that gets us fully involved in the discovery of your Design Identité from start to finish. We work alongside your architect and construction team to ensure we take on the weight of all the major components involved, allowing the project to run as smoothly as possible with full transparency. Although The Design Identité will be the main point of contact for all parties involved, it is our job to relay all important information to you, as well as our recommendations, while never losing site of your vision and opinion. The final decisions will always be yours. Our end goal is to create a bespoke design plan that comes to life through original concepts, curated finishes, unique fixture selections and the highest caliber craftsmanship through our four phase design process. For a better understanding of what is involved in each phase, see below.

Design Stage.jpeg


This is where we visit the projects site and get to know the space as well as each other. We dive into your projects specific requirements, how you function on a daily basis, what you want the overall design outcome to be, your budget, and your timeline. If you already know you want us to be involved in your project we can begin taking site measurements and photos of the space for our next phases development. To wrap up phase 1, we will create a design contract outlining the scope of work and any applicable design fees related for your designs completion. We then move on to creating a concept for your

Design Identité.




Beginning this phase means that the above phase has been approved and given the go-ahead. We now begin the final research and administrative work of selecting and purchasing all furnishings, equipment and fixtures, providing you with a final list of items. Before any final purchasing is made, we will review all options with you to ensure full transparency of selections. We will order, and track all items on your behalf. Further, we provide on-site collaboration with your contractor throughout construction to ensure no detail is overlooked. This process can be the most time consuming amongst all phases, but we promise, the final outcome will be worth it!




In phase 2, we will begin by creating an overall floor plan of the space(s) which will determine how you want to utilize the space and how we feel the space can be used most effectively. Once a floor plan is decided on, we then create a mood board that reflects the final layout. This mood board will be your design guideline and help you visualize the overall design. It will represent your most authentic Design Identité and include conceptual design perspectives, inspirational images, custom millwork designs, preliminary selections for equipment, furniture, materials, and finishes. This phase will include physical samples collected and curated by us for your tangible review, as well as a set of construction drawings for your contractor to quote and build from, including; demolition plan, proposed floor plan, furniture plan, lighting + electrical plan, millwork drawings, elevations, finishes schedules.  

Photo 2022-09-21, 4 20 40 PM.jpg


This phase can be optional for our clients if they feel they can handle the arrival and installation of all items themselves. The only part we strive to be fully involved in is the final staging and styling of the project. This allows us to add our own personal twists (along with yours of course) to the space. This is where the magic happens and where these fine details really bring your project to life!. That magazine worthy look! Depending on the scale of your project, staging can take between one and three days. When the final details are in place, we'll schedule a professional photographer to capture your project for our portfolio. Once completed, you have the opportunity to 'shop' the decor we have carefully selected to fully represent your Design Identité, and purchase any accessories from us.  This completes the design process and we then leave you to enjoy your new home representing your true DESIGN IDENTITÉ.

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